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Kevin Magnussen, Haas F1 Team
Kevin Magnussen, Haas F1 Team

It'll be a new circuit for Kevin Magnussen this weekend, as he takes on Mugello Circuit for the Tuscan Grand Prix, for the very first time.

You’ve spent some time in the simulator running the Mugello circuit. What are your impressions of the layout, the challenges, and how fast do you think the 2020 Formula One cars will go there?

“In the simulator I found that the track was really cool. It’s pretty unique and different. It’s a very fast, flowing track. It’s going to be great fun in these high downforce cars. I also think it’s going to be pretty tough on the tires with all those high-energy corners. Overtaking is probably going to be difficult, but there is a long straight so it’s maybe not entirely impossible. Certainly, following another car through all those high-speed corners, it’s going to be a challenge.”


Unlike the addition of Imola later in the season, where you’ll be limited to just one practice session ahead of qualifying, at Mugello it’s a regular three-day race weekend with two Friday practice sessions. Would you have preferred, for example, the opportunity to either run an older Formula One car or a junior formula car on-track beforehand, or will Friday’s practice sessions afford enough time to dial into the circuit?

“It wouldn’t have hurt to do a day or two in another formula car around Mugello. On the other hand, with the three sessions you’ll have plenty of time to learn the track. After doing a sim day you get a pretty good idea of what to expect. I’m not too worried about it, but every little bit helps.”


The Tuscan Grand Prix marks the ninth event in 11 weekends for Formula One. What are your thoughts on the intensity of the current run of races and what has been the impact on both yourself and the team? 

“It’s been great really for me, I’ve enjoyed it. It was good to get the season going and I think it’s been nice to get a lot of races done and to get back into it with all these races in a short space of time. I have to say, I feel for the team, and especially the guys in the garage working on the car. It must have been a really tough run for them. They haven’t seen their families much and they’ve been working some big hours to get the car ready for all these races. I feel for them and I think it’ll be good for them to get some time off soon.”  


After the checkered flag drops at Mugello is there an opportunity to mentally reset and prepare for the second half of the season knowing the flow of races returns to a regular pace starting with the Russian Grand Prix – and specifically what will your preparations consist of?

“It’ll be good to get over these triple-headers and be a little quieter. For myself, it means I’ll have a bit more time between the races to kind of get into a rhythm with my fitness and training. It’ll also allow me just to see friends and family a bit more. It’ll be good to get there.”

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